Gluing – crash lock, carry packs, 4 and 6 corner…

With five multi-purpose Bobst gluers on the site we are well equipped to handle short and long run work, ranging from miniature cartons to full out 1100mm wide blanks.

Our high skill levels enable us not only to run standard designs like crash lock, carry packs, 4 and 6 corner, but also a multitude of bespoke styles with up to 16 glue guns and hot melt glue.

Precision-gluing-075Complicated make readies are our bread and butter

We have made it our business to have machine accessories and adaptations that not everyone needs all the time. We are happy to take on those long complicated make readies that often slow down a productive finishing department.

There are always new ideas and designs being developed, so if tape application, hot melt gluing, numbering, banding, code reading or inserting on line are a possibility then we are likely to have the answer.

High speed gluing

High speed gluing is also a speciality utilising our Bobst handy pack with conveyor and automated box closing lines.

Storage and distribution

With large storage areas we have the capacity to receive and load any size vehicle to keep transport costs to a minimum.