Plant List

Investment in the best

At Marpak we believe in investing in the best equipment on the market. This policy has served us well and has helped us achieve our reputation for first class service.

Our equipment includes machinery from the Bobst Group, Heiber & Schroder and Kohmann, all leading suppliers for the packaging industry.

As many of our customers have similar equipment, this allows them to benefit from our ability to locate their tooling into our machinery with no alterations required.

Detailed plant list

  • Bobst  Domino 110M with Inc. crash lock 4 and 6 corner
  • Bobst  Domino 110M matic  inc. crash lock 4 and 6 corner
  • Bobst die cutter 1020 Evoline 720 x 1020mm max with stripping and micrometric adjustment.
  • Bobst die cutter 1020 SE as above 720 x 1020. Min sheet 340 x 400mm.
  • Bobst  Domino 1000 extended length with extra prefold section and inserting on line
  • Bobst Media 1000 inc. crash lock 4 and 6 corner
  • HHS glue cold and hot melt systems, Baumer code reading, peel and seal, inserting options available.
  • Kohmann 750 Window patcher with profile and perforation tissue box cutting cylinder
  • Kohmann 1120 twin stream window patcher
  • Kohmann 1120 twin stream window patcher
  • Heiber and Schroder Nested tray machine  max blank length 450mm and max width 650mm
  • Heiber and Schroder Twin stream nested tray machine (reduced to 350mm width for twin stream)
  • Wohlenberg programmable guillotine 1500mm
  • Esatec Digistar Pick and Place